10 Chores That Toddlers Can Do On Their Own


Chores and toddlers together may sound like more work than what it’s worth. It’s hard to imagine your toddler being able to actually accomplish a task, especially when you can’t get them to stop eating the food off the ground. But you may be surprised at what your toddler can do. Chores not only help lightened the load within a household. But it helps children feel like they are an important member to their family team. It is the beginning of them learning responsibility and accomplishing a task.

While when you first begin with chores, they may not be completed right away and or make more of a mess, it will feel like it is more work than what it’s worth. But if you hang in there, you will be happy that you did because one glorious day, without needing you to tell them, the chores will be done and accomplished correctly. Suddenly it will become part of their everyday routine.


You may be wondering what chores toddlers can do. Here is a helpful list:

1. Pick Up Toys

You may be amazed at how many toys a little person can acquire in such a short life time. Having your toddler help pick up their toys not only shows them responsibly over their own things but it can also be a great learning tool. You can put different bins with a picture of the toy that it belongs to. This helps them learn about sorting items. For example, you can have a bin for cars, trains, dolls and Lego blocks.

2. Help Feed The Family Pet

This is a great chore that helps them understand how to take care of something. And it’s pretty easy to do! To make it more “toddler-friendly” make sure you have items where you child can reach and tools that are easy to use. You will need a large scoop to help put their pet’s food into the bowl. You can also put water in an easy-to-pour plastic cup.

3. Make Their Bed

While you cannot expect fine corners or impressive tucked sheets, they can put their pillow back on their bed and pull their sheets over their pillow. You can also show them where to put their pajamas, like under their pillow, in the morning. This is a great start to a fabulous morning routine for them.

4. Water The Plants

This is a fun chore for them to do. Make sure that you give them a water can that is easy for them to grip and use. Sure, they are probably going to spill a bit but remember that it’s just water and it will dry. The only think you need to be worried about is over watering. So make sure you only give them enough water in the can that the plant can take.

5. Sweep The Floor

Sweeping the floor is a pretty fun game when it comes to toddlers. A way to help them learn how to sweep is by putting a blue tape box on the floor. You then can tell them to sweep all the dirt and crumbs they find into the box. It is fun for them to try and fill their box with as much dirt as they can.

6. Put Dirty Clothes In Their Hamper

This is an easy chore to establish into their nightly routine. After they take off their play clothes for the night, show them where they must put their dirty clothes. You can also do a quick sweep of their room and ask them to put any dirty laundry into their hamper. This chore will help keep their room clean.

7. Dust Furniture

This chore can keep them occupied for quite a long time. An easy way to show them how to dust is to put old clean socks on their hands. They will have fun wiping down all the furniture around the house. Tell them to try and get their socks as dirty as possible. Oh what fun they will think that will be. Little do they know how much they are actually helping you out!

8. Set Their Own Dishes Out For Dinner

Have an area where they can easily access their own cups and plates. You can have them help set the table for dinner by putting out their own plates and cups. You can also have them help put away their own plates and cups when they come out of the dishwasher. Make sure to use plastic plates, bowls and cups so you don’t have to worry about them dropping any and breaking.

9. Help Carry Groceries

Of course they are not going to be able to carry a large gallon of milk, but you set aside a couple of light items that are not breakable that your toddler can carry in. When packing your groceries to take home, put a few light items in a couple bags for them. Get them involved after by having them help you put those groceries away.

10. Help Make Lunch

A funny thing happens when toddlers help make their own lunch – they actually eat it. It is a fun way to get them involved while improving their gross motor skills. You are teaching them life lessons that they will use forever. You can have them help spread the peanut butter on their bread or with a dull child’s knife cut their bananas. Set out some yummy vegetables and be prepared to be delighted when you watch them devour their food.


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