10 Interesting Activities To Keep Your Tween Boy Busy And Unplugged


Saying that it can be difficult to keep your tween boy occupied can be an understatement. Layer in the fact that you wish he’d unplug from technology once in awhile, and you’ve got an epic challenge ahead of you!

While it can be tricky to peel your tween away from the screen, it is possible if you can come up with an interesting enough alternative or activity.


These following interesting activities might just do the trick to keep your tween boy busy, and stay unplugged.

  1. Star Wars Lanterns – This one can be customized to any theme (if they aren’t a Star Wars fan!) and incorporates patience, precision, and some tool work! 
  2. Miniature Bow and Arrow – An easy craft that can be personalized, takes patience, and is loads of fun when it’s done! 
  3. Geocaching – While not completely unplugged, this will get your tween boy outside, exploring, and using navigation and tracking skills like never before! 
  4. Ultimate Frisbee – A great way to get the kids outside and active! 
  5. Make A Miniature Robot – This will bring out your tween boys technical side…and is just really cool! 
  6. Nerf Shooting Range – You can set this one up simply using file folders as described, or get creative and set them up all over the backyard! 
  7. DIY Glue T-Shirts – Design their own T-shirt designs with glue and simple dying! 
  8. Community Service – Something that often gets overused as a “punishment”, instead of just something that should be part of our lives! 
  9. Set Up A Popsicle Stick Chain Reaction – This one takes patience to set up, but when you let go, it’s worth the wait! 
  10. Start Their Own Business – It’s never too early to get the wheel turning on creativity in business, and opening your child’s eyes to the world of entrepreneurship!


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