10 Things Every Expecting Mom In Her Third Trimester Will Understand

Though you are thankful to be out of the morning sickness phase of what first trimester brought and second trimester came and went by pretty easily, during your third trimester you are finally ready to meet your baby. It has been a waiting game since the day you peed on that stick but now in your third trimester you are now counting down the days till your due date.

You may be doing everything you can at this point to go into labor – walking, eating spicy foods, doing squats or any other wives tales that you have heard of. In the final stages of pregnancy, you know full well what it means to do the pregnant waddle.


The following are the 10 things that every expecting mom in her third trimester will understand:

  1. You never sit down or lay anywhere without a serious plan on how you are getting back up. Is there a good arm rest to help hoist yourself up? Can you easily slide or roll out? Is there someone who will be readily available to help pull you up? These are all very important questions because if you don’t have a game plan and you decide to sit or lay down, you may be there for quite a while. Or have to send an SOS signal for help.
  2. Pregnancy brain – the struggle is real. There is something about pregnancy that makes your brain not work like it once did before getting pregnant. You can find yourself walking into a room or going upstairs and immediately forgetting why you went there in the first place. This will drive a pregnant woman mad because just doing a simple task will take forever because she just keeps forgetting everything. Your short-term memory is suddenly non-existent.
  3. Trying to find something to wear can be all around painful. Sure, those new pregnancy clothes that you bought during your second trimester were real cute, but now that you are the size of a small boat, it feels like there is nothing out there that is flattering. And if it looks good, it is either too tight, makes you too hot and uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. Nothing feels comfortable and all you would prefer to wear is just long maxi dresses every day – even in the winter.
  4. Sleeping at night is pretty nonexistent. Anyone who tells you to get as much sleep as you can because once the baby gets here you won’t be able to sleep at all makes you want to punch them in the face. You are not sleeping now. Not only is it uncomfortable, but you haven’t seen your spouse in quite some time because of the mountain of pillows surrounding you in bed. You are getting up twice at night just to go to the bathroom and if you do find a comfortable position, you are inevitably woken up by the dance party that your growing little one has decided to partake in.
  5. You don’t go anywhere without first locating the bathroom. Going to the bathroom every 15 minutes is par for the course when you are pregnant during the last trimester. If there isn’t any easily accessible toilet available, you are not going. Any place you do go, finding where the bathroom is located is always first on the list. It also doesn’t help that you are so thirsty all of the time and your baby is always pressing down on your bladder. You are convinced your bladder has shrunken or that you really are peeing for two.
  6. You forget what you can and can’t do physically. Sure, walking down a few blocks when you weren’t pregnant was not a big deal, but now that you are pretty pregnant, those few blocks can feel like you just ran a marathon at the end. Carrying your own body weight is quite the task. You find yourself locating several spots to rest and sit down all the time.
  7. Bending over – it’s not happening. It is just an impossible task to do. Slip on shoes and trips to get a pedicure are a must. You can’t even remember the last time you saw your feet. There is a big ball in the middle of your torso making it impossible to bend over and it’s just really not worth the effort to even try. Getting two of the same shoe on can seem like a major win that day.
  8. Eating can be a cruel game. You are so hungry all of the time but finishing a meal is near impossible. Food tastes so good but with your growing baby inside you it can seem like your stomach has shrunk to make room. You don’t want to over do it when it comes to eating because that pregnancy heart burn can be brutal.
  9. Everyone looks at you like you are a time bomb just waiting to explode. You’ll find that people avoid going into any confined spaces with you such as an elevator due to the fear that the elevator will break down and you go into labor. Everyone thinks you could give birth to that baby any time and most don’t want to be anywhere near you when you do.
  10. The desire to nest. When you are towards the final stages of your pregnancy, the overwhelming need to nest will hit you suddenly. The little energy you do have is spent putting tiny clothes in drawers and setting up the nursery. The pressure is on for your spouse to put together the crib, rocking chair and changing table is on. There is nothing that would make you happier than a completed nursery.


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