10 Ways To Show Your Teen Son Your Love (Without Saying It)

You can tell your son that you love him all you want (just don’t do it when he’s got friends over or after basketball practice!) but if you don’t show it your words will mean nothing. Teenage boys put more weight in actions than in words so put your affections into actions he can understand.


Here’s 10 ways you can show him you love him without saying that you love him:

  1. Buy him hygiene products just for him. Shower gel, hair products, deodorant – these are just a few of the things he needs to have of his own. Some people thing teen boys don’t like to shower but really, they just don’t want to smell like a flower!
  2. Give him choices. He needs to feel like he has some power over his own life. When you give him choices he will know you care.
  3. When he comes to you for help, be there for him. There is nothing that will push your boy away faster than being too busy for him.
  4. Let him bring his friends home. Sure, they are kind of rowdy but they are his friends and they make him happy. When he can hang out with them in his own home he’ll know that you care about his happiness.
  5. Indulge his interests. If he is into sports, get him tickets for a big game. If he’s into music, make sure he has a great headset to listen to it with.
  6. Ask him about his video game, music he loves, a sports team he loves and then just listen to him go on and on about them and enjoy the fact that he’s having a conversation with you.
  7. Learn how to play his favorite video game when he’s not home and then kick his butt in it.
  8. Ask him if he needs anything next time you’re going grocery shopping. Boys love food and the fact that you asked for his input on what to buy will show him your care.
  9. Text him and thank him for something. It’s subtle but he’ll be impressed.
  10. Always find something to be proud of and let him know.


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