7 Ways To Teach Teens How To Become Financially Responsible

Balancing their budget might be the last thing on the mind of your teen. Nevertheless, being financially responsible and knowing how to take care of yourself financially is a goal that any teenager can benefit from. Starting to teach financial responsibility to your teen at an early age is a sure fire way to raise … Read more

Your Teenage Son – How To Get Him Motivated

Until now, you always assumed the caricature of the couch-bound, eternally-hungry teen-aged boy depicted in comic strips, television shows and movies was just that, a caricature. Now? Now you’re living with a real-live teen-aged boy and you’re probably seeing the truth in those caricatures. In real life, having a giant, often-stinky, hairy man-child leaving a … Read more

10 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Tween Or Teen Online

“Image” If you have a child between the ages of 11-18, you are fully aware of how intertwined their real and virtual lives can become. It starts with deciding what the appropriate age for kids to have their own computers and/or cell phones. For many families, the right age is just as kids hit middle school (11-12). … Read more