25 Breastfeeding Tips For A Successful Nursing Experience

Congratulations on your little bundle of joy and your choice to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding is an intimate and special experience between mom and baby. With that said, it can also be a scary and vulnerable time for a new (or even seasoned!) mother. When things don’t go exactly by the book, moms of infants may feel guilty for “doing something wrong,” or ashamed of “not getting the hang of it” immediately. But thousands of moms experience some level of struggle with nursing before finding a rhythm.

Check out the following 25 breastfeeding tips that will help and encourage you and hopefully attribute to your nursing success!

  1. Know your newborn (breastfeeding behavior facts)
  2. Get as much skin to skin contact as you can (to build that special bond)
  3. Read, read, read (to achieve breastfeeding success)
  4. Learn to ignore the bad advices (you probably believe are true)
  5. Stay calm and relaxed (will make the process a lot easier)
  6. Drink, drink, drink (lots of water)
  7. Expect possible pitfalls (but don’t give up!)
  8. The first 6 weeks are the hardest (but it’s worth the wait!)
  9. Get your partner’s support (he can also play a healthy role)
  10. Surround yourself with experienced friends (for encouragement and support)
  11. Try to get the right latch (the most important part of successful breastfeeding)
  12. Feeding pillows can really help (for a comfortable nursing experience)
  13. Experiment with different nursing positions (that work for you and your baby)
  14. Remember to wake the baby up for feedings (to keep a good nursing schedule)
  15. Be sure to burp your baby after a feeding (even if he/she shows no discomfort)
  16. Use a breast pump (if you struggle with production)
  17. Be patient with the pumping (practice makes perfect)
  18. If in doubt, seek professional help (worth the weight in gold)
  19. Know what to eat more (or less of while nursing)
  20. Take good care of yourself (yes seriously, enjoy a nap!)
  21. Some babies do bite (so be prepared)
  22. Breastfeeding troubles (doesn’t make you less of a mom)
  23. Don’t be afraid to nurse in public (your baby needs to feed and it’s not a crime)
  24. Continue to breastfeed when you return to work (it can be done!)
  25. An end of an era (but don’t wean if you or your baby are not ready)

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