5 Great Apps To Have If You Just Found Out That You’re Expecting


Whether you’re expecting for the first time or a veteran momma, every pregnancy brings with it a host of swirling questions, moments of panic and joy alike, and an omnipresent desire for everything to just hurry up. Modern technology is making it easier to capture those moments, answer questions, and track the progress of babies and bodies alike. This roundup offers you the best of mobile apps around for expecting mothers.


1. WebMD Pregnancy (iOS) Free

The best on this list, WebMD Pregnancy App is a powerful application that provides great information and tons of tools, fun and useful, to help expectant parents master all the complexities of pregnancy. Keep a list of questions to ask your doc, make notes during the appointment, get a week-by-week update on your changing body and future cuddle bug, and access tons of articles on health, nutrition, and more. Take a photo of your growing belly each week and transform it into a slide show, build a journal with pictures and sonograms that you can share on Facebook. Track baby kicks, contractions, symptoms, and vitals. Make checklists and track appointments. This doctor-approved app does everything you need it to do and more, all for free.

2. My Pregnancy Today (iOS, Android) Free

clean and well-designed application that gives new parents access to a wealth of information, delivered daily or searchable, plus a collection of useful tools to help them navigate pregnancy like pros. A fetal kick counter and contraction timer helps you know when it’s time to go in. The Bumpie photo tool allows you to track the progress of your growing belly which you can share with their bustling community of other moms-to-be. Plus great images and videos to obsess over how your little squirt is developing.

3. Baby Names!! (iOS, Android) Free

With over 30,000 names to choose from, this app will help you find exactly the right one for your coming munchkin. It gives you origin, annual popularity, and pronunciation. Plus you can share the name lists you build with friends and family via email or Facebook. There’s even a generator that matches the baby’s name with the parents. A great way to pass the time while waiting in your doctor’s lobby.

4. Pilates For Pregnancy (iOS) $4.99

Continuing or beginning a fitness routine (with doctor’s permission) during a pregnancy can help your body adapt to its rigors and recover more swiftly after. This widely-recognized app offers workouts designed to suit each trimester of pregnancy. It also includes a pregnancy planner, photo album, journal, to-do lists, and notes.

5. Who’s Your Daddy (iOS) $2.99

This tongue-in-cheek app is designed with a darker, clean interface with future fathers in mind. Daily tips on how to stay sane and keep your partner well cared for, weekly updates on how the little bean is progressing, even a timeline to help you remember appointments and important dates. Useful tools keep you cool when it’s time to go: contraction counter, hospital bag checklist, to-do list, and more.


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