7 Great Ways To Naturally Increase Your Breast Size


If nature gave you bee-sting breasts instead of the bouncing bosom you crave, you can feel embarrassed. Ashamed of your flat figure, you can want to hide your shape in layers of clothes, burying your body away from the eyes of the world. You can even be tempted to pay for expensive and potentially-risky plastic surgery to achieve the fuller figure of your dreams.

But you don’t have to resort to plastic surgery to increase the size of your breasts. With the following seven all-natural ways to increase your breast-size, you could soon have the larger breasts you crave.


1. Build Your Pectoral Muscles

Anyone remember the old chant, “I must, I must improve my bust” as you pumped your shoulders to the centre of your chest, making your elbows meet, and thrust them out again? Well, there was something in it (not much, but something).

By exercising the pectoral muscles (the four large muscles that cover the front of the ribcage), you can improve the size, firmness and perkiness of the breasts that sit on top..


How do you improve the pectorals? Well, not by a schoolgirl chant and pumping your shoulders out and in, that’s for sure.

Here are two simple exercises that exercise the pectoral muscles, making your bosom larger and firmer:

  • Chest presses: Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Hold a dumbbell in each hand (make sure it’s a comfortable weight) and, keeping your elbows at a ninety degree angle, raise the weights up. Lower the weight back to the starting position. Make ten repetitions, three times a week.
  • Push ups: Kneel on the floor. Stretch your legs back, and balance on the tips of your feet and your hands. Bend your elbows to lower yourself to the floor. Keep your body in alignment, back straight and hips raised. If the push-ups are too hard, try the child’s version, which allows you to kneel. Make ten repetitions, three times a week.

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2. Work On Your Shoulders And Back Muscles

If you tone your back and shoulder muscles, you will have a stronger, more upright posture. This will give you the appearance of a larger, firmer breast.

Here is a simple exercise that will strengthen and tone your back and shoulder muscles, helping your bosom appear rounder and perkier:

  • Bicep curl: Stand with your legs at hip-width apart, holding two dumbbells. Keeping your hips stationary, tuck the first dumbbell up towards your chest, keeping your elbow pressed into your side. Then lower, and repeat with the other arm. Make ten repetitions of each arm, three times a week.
  • Arm swinging: Stand straight, with your arms straight in the air. Swing both arms in a clockwise direction. Make ten repetitions. Pause for twenty seconds. Then raise your arms over your head and swing in a counter-clockwise direction, making ten repetitions. Repeat three times a week.

3. Weigh Yourself

Women want to be slim. But, what you must remember is that the breast is composed of fatty and connective tissue. If you are underweight, your breasts will be small and slack. If you have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of below twenty, it’s advisable to try gaining weight, which may enhance the fatty tissues of the breast and increase breast size, as well as protecting you from the dangers of being underweight, which include brittle bones and a weakened immune system. Try increasing your calorie intake, also remembering to take part in the exercises outlined above.

Whether you need to increase your weight or not, it might benefit you to alter your diet and eat foods that help enhance the breast tissue. Try to alter your diet so it’s rich in the following foods:

  • Chickpeas and black-eyed peas: these foods are rich in oestrogen, which stimulates breast growth
  • Fennel seeds: these reverse atrophy (shrinkage) of the mammary glands
  • Green leafy vegetables: these prevent stretch marks as your breasts grow, and improve breast tissues
  • Fenugreek: this popular seed increases breast size
  • Chicken: this increases the production of oestrogen
  • Flax seeds, garlic, parsley, beets, carrot, plums, apples: these foods are all rich in oestrogen
  • Strawberries: these enhance oestrogen production
  • Whole grains, and vegetables: these control the release of testosterone (the bosom-shrinking male hormone)

4. Try Breast Massage

Breast MassageThe effectiveness of breast massage hasn’t been proven. However, it’s a safe method that may work to increase the size of the breasts in some women. It is believed that this works through triggering the release of prolactin, a hormone that is released when breastfeeding and causes the breasts to swell. It’s also thought that breast massage increases the flow of blood to the breasts, causing them to appear larger and perkier.

Massage using the palm of the bare hand with a good quality breast firming cream in the following method.

  • With the palm of your dominant (writing) hand massage the breast in a circular motion from the top to the underside and back around, working to the center, towards the nipple.
  • Then stroke the breast with the palm from the outside towards the nipple using the palms of both hands.

Do one-hundred-and-fifty of each kind of rub when you wake in the morning, and one-hundred and fifty of each before you go to bed at night. It takes at least two weeks of regular ministrations to be effective.

5. Take The Correct Vitamins

If you lack certain vitamins, it can negatively impact on your breast-size. Vitamin A, B6, C, and E may not do much singularly, but together they combine to promote breast enhancement. Vitamin A promotes skin-cell rejuvenation. Vitamin B6 is essential for supporting the female-hormone oestrogen, and aids the formation of new blood. Vitamin C restores collagen. Vitamin E regulates cholesterol levels, and prevents unhealthy fats from situating themselves in other parts of the body.


6. Increase Your Intake Of Amino Acids

Amino acids are a miraculous health-supporting substance, found naturally in many healthy foods. The amino acid L-Arginine helps the body make muscle tissues, which could make it useful in building breast tissue. Meanwhile, the detoxifier carnitine reduces fatty cellulite. Other amino acids can support the liver, kidneys and prevent the aging process, making them an essential part of your diet.

L-Arginine is found in Brazil nuts, red meat, fish and oats. Meanwhile carnitine is found in red meat, liver, dairy products and yeast. Other amino acids are found in walnuts, sunflower seeds, buckwheat flour, and cabbage. So, include these natural fatty-acids to your diet today for a pert figure.

7. Give Your Bust A Visual Boost

For instant-enhancement, while waiting for the other natural methods to work, why not try giving your breasts a visual boost, for that immediate confidence-kick? Try these simple tips to make your breasts look bigger:

  • Wear the right size bra: Wearing a brat that’s too big or too small can make your breasts look smaller. So go and get professionally fitted to ensure you’re wearing the right size bra. Wearing the right size bra will immediately lift and enhance your figure.
  • Try a padded or push-up bra: A padded bra will enhance your size and shape; meanwhile a push up bra will give you a perkier, more youthful figure. Either way, you will have the appearance of a larger, fuller breast, which will have you walking-tall in no time.
  • Try wearing tops with embellishments: Find a top with flounces or ruffles over the chest. This will give the illusion that your breasts are larger than they are. Another good idea is to wear horizontal stripes across your chest, as these will make the area seem bigger.
  • Try contouring: If you’re wearing a low-cut top, try contouring your cleavage with a bronzer.
  • Walk tall: Practice good posture. Walk tall, push your chest out, and pull your shoulders back. Not only will this be better for your back, it could have an eye-popping effect on your breasts.

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