5 Activities To Foster Learning Through Play (For Toddlers)

Did you know your toddler is learning every day by playing and exploring? Toddlers are intrinsically curious about the world, and that curiosity fuels their desire to learn. The best way to incorporate learning into your toddler’s day is to find fun games or activities that will foster their young mind for a healthy learning experience.

Since toddlers already love to play, we can be intentional about what games and activities we introduce into their daily routine. First, think about what you want your kiddo to learn. Next, check out these 5 great ideas below:

  1. Sensory Activities – Sensory play activates your child’s senses: touch, taste, sight, sound and smell. Encourage your kids to use their senses while incorporating everyday objects in new and exciting ways.
  2. Super Fun Baths – Sometimes toddler play can create an absolute mess in your home. Why not encourage motor skills as well as creativity in the tub, where clean-up is a breeze?
  3. Creative Musical Play – There’s a ton of research demonstrating the benefits of learning music at a young age. Integrated that into their every-day exploring, discovery and learning with some creative sing along.
  4. Movement and Coordination – Kids learn best when they’re physically engaged. In embracing that, you can encourage constructive and fun movement activities to help develop gross motor skills in your kiddo.
  5. DIY Cardboard Box Toys – Foster creativity by creating something out of nothing (with old cardboard boxes)! Help your toddler create a gas station, a mailbox or a full-sized candy store using nothing but boxes and tape.

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