Evenflo Jenny/Johnny Jump-Up Door Exerciser Review

Why A Door Exerciser?

If you have a baby that likes being active and is aware of his or her surroundings but is still too small for a walker or exersaucer, a door exerciser can be the best solution.

This cute, portable contraption will hang on any door that meets the recommended measurements. While your hands are free, baby is free to exercise his or her legs.

About the Evenflo Jumper

There are several brands that make jumpers. I personally chose the Evenflo jumper because of the larger seat. I wanted something that wouldn’t be outgrown too quickly. The bright, cheery fabric was a plus too!

Plus, the Evenflo jumper has four straps, rather than the three found on the leading competitor. Four straps just seems safer.

Of course, there is no such thing as a 100% perfect baby product. So here are some pros and cons for the Evenflo Jump Up.

Best Reasons To Get The Evenflo Jump Up

  • 4 straps mean extra safety
  • No hard plastic toy tray to bump baby’s head
  • Holds infants up to 24 pounds
  • Extra large seat accommodates babies of all sizes and heights.
  • Metal frame holds seat open for easy in and out.
  • Secure hook
  • Easy set up
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Built in loops for holding favorite toys
  • Portable, easy to store, and easy to transport
  • Machine washable seat

Where The Evenflo Jumper Falls Short

  • The large seat can be just as much a con as a pro. For a small baby, the high sides and roomy leg holes can be awkward and uncomfortable.
  • High-friction spring doesn’t bounce well. It still bounces, but not as fluidly as older versions, which can quickly discourage baby.
  • The hook will not fit all doorways. Only those between 3 and 6 inches in thickness.
  • No toy/activity tray for people who prefer one. (Update: Evenflo has a Jump and Go jumper that provides a learning pod that will keep your baby entertained with songs, activities and light shows.)

The Evenflo Jumper has more good features than bad. It is also affordable and well constructed, meaning that it could be passed down to siblings. For the price, the value, and the entertainment, the Evenflo Jumper is definitely a good investment for any parent or grandparent to consider!

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