Have A Happy Baby With The Fisher Price Deluxe Take Along Swing

I absolutely love this Fisher Price Deluxe Take Along Swing! It is the perfect size for the house and it even fits in the car easily, so we were able to use it when we visited family and friends. The seat was the perfect size from the time he was a newborn.

I always loved that I could use the swing as a baby seat as well. I was able to place my baby in the seat so that I could go switch to do the laundry around or use the bathroom. The songs would keep him occupied while I was out of the room and he loved the vibrations from the seat.

I loved how the swing has different speeds because sometimes my little one only needed a little bit of motion to calm him down. The speed actually adjusts according to the weight of the baby and that is a nice feature. It won’t go too fast when they are really little, but it will go fast enough as they begin to gain weight.

My son actually napped in this swing quite a bit because it was the only way that he would sleep. He was the fussiest and youngest of my three, so I was at the point of if he can sleep in the swing that was perfect!

I didn’t mind that this swing only used batteries, because they lasted a long time and I didn’t have to worry about plugging it in when we were not in the house. Every time that we took it with us when we traveled, my son was happy to be able to be in the same swing that he would use at home.

I would definitely recommend this swing to any mom because babies love it and moms can actually get a little break.

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