How To Cope With The Summer Heat During Pregnancy

Summer is here and if you’re pregnant that means a lot of changes, some you may not have even considered. Many summer activities will be off the menu like riding amusement park rides or water skiing, while others like swimming you will certainly enjoy more. However, one thing is certain and that is you will feel hotter than you felt in years before you were pregnant.

Right now your body temperature is several degrees hotter and your skin is more sensitive to sunlight, and that means you want to know how you can stay cool to make it through the next few months.


Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

You should be drinking lots of water at this point anyway. It’s good for the baby and good for you. Water also gives your body the fluids it needs to perspire and self-cool.

  • Keep several water bottles in the freezer and refrigerator and keep a water bottle with cool or icy water at all times. Not only do you need the hydration, but the chilled bottle can be used as a roller.
  • Make berry or lime infused water and turn it into a granita or ice pop. The cool treat will cool the body, satisfy pico cravings, and also provide hydration.

Invest In Essential Oils

Now this one won’t be an obvious solution but many swear on the use of peppermint oil to create the sensation of being cool. Dab it on the wrists or back of the neck and it will make you feel cooler.

Wear Loose Fitting Clothing

Loose fitting clothing not only will help you work around the “tight” feeling you may already have from your stretched skin, but it will also provide some movement of air and give you breathing room should any slight swelling occur. The key is to get air circulation beneath the clothing so the looser and more lightweight shirts and dresses you can wear, the better.

Mini Fans Are Your New Best Friend

…and they’re cheap now, too. They are easy to find, portable, and run on small batteries. Even with AC on it’s still pleasant to have that breeze going.

Appropriate Hair Helps

No one is saying cut your hair for summer, although some do. Wear it up more if you can. Keeping hair off the back of your neck will not only help keep you cooler, but it will also make your life less frustrating during these few months.

Make Good Food Choices

Certain foods are thermogenic and should be eaten sparingly when pregnant. You may love spicy food but it doesn’t love you back right now. Not only will it increase the chance of acid reflux (something most of you are feeling right now) but they can also make you feel warmer, so maybe cut back on the curry or hot sauce.

It’s not only what to avoid eating but what you should eat at this time that can help. Berries are great antioxidants and they are available all summer in large quantities. Berries, fruit trays, vegetable crudités – all of these are great, healthy snacks that don’t heat up the home and won’t make you break out a sweat.

Spray Bottles And Misters

These are great especially if you spend time outdoors. The tiny mists of water will evaporate in the heat, creating an air conditioning like effect. You will feel cooler, better, and your skin will thank you if you bring a tiny misting bottle along when you are out.

Umbrellas And Parasols

It worked for women for hundreds of years, it can work for you, too. When going to the beach or even a park, bring an umbrella to shield you from the suns rays. Being able to deflect any heat even partially will be good to help cool your pregnant body.


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