Liven Up The Crib With The Lamaze Crib Soother

When my daughter was a couple months old, I noticed she started to become more fussy in her crib. Going from a more easy-going newborn to a louder, more finicky baby was a total reality check for me. I was determined to find something that would make her feel at ease again in her crib, so I turned to a few classics, like night lights and musical plush toys for babies in the beginning. After a few weeks of trying a few products that didn’t turn the needle, I finally stumbled upon the Lamaze Crib Soother, which turned out to be one of my daughter’s favorite crib companions!

A Charming Design

This whimsical, pond-themed crib soother is adorable straight out of the box. It features those signature wild and colorful Lamaze product designs which have always been fantastic for early sensory stimulation, like color and light and dark recognition. As well, this soother also features lily pads, frogs, and other objects babies are attracted to, which eventually helps with more advanced object recognition a few months down the road.

Functional And Versatile

When you turn on your Lamaze crib soother, a series of flashing lights and sounds immediately appear and the show begins! The soother itself comes with a few cute, simple, and whimsical tone melodies. Personally, I didn’t find the accompanying music to be all that special and interesting, so I took more advantage of the MP3 player option. I loved making soothing playlists for my daughter when she was a little baby, so this feature was one of my favorite parts of this crib accessory. If fact, I still use this product as a creative and cool MP3 player for my 3-year old daughter’s room today.

Fortunately the MP3 player chord was compatible with both my iPod and my older MP3 Player models. As well, it worked just fine with my last iPhone and continues to work well with my current Android phone when my daughter wants to use it. I do like that the flashing lights aren’t too bright at night and they bounce around literally to the beat of whatever music is playing. Something really cool that I observed over time was that this crib soother helped encourage my daughter’s standing skills early on. Once she was much better at holding herself up, she would reach for the cute ladybug plush buttons on the soother and even make the modes change by herself. She was really attracted to the illuminated froggy and pond design on the face of the soother too.

A Cool And Creative Baby Item

I’ve actually given this Lamaze crib soother a couple times as baby shower gifts for some friends of mine. It’s a totally unique, creative, and thoughtful gift for new parents who’re for sure going to encounter lots of cases of the sleepless blues. It really helped with my daughter’s fussiness in the crib and even continued to be a useful music accessory for her later on.

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