No More Nighttime Fuss: 5 Ideas for Putting Toddlers to Bed

Getting your toddler to sleep come nighttime can literally be a nightmare. Toddlers have tons of energy to spend and having to cease their activities to go sleep is, to them, the most unappealing thing to do. However, sleep is a crucial part of any child’s development and helping your toddler go to bed in a peaceful and calm manner will have many benefits in the long run.

The following are 5 ideas to assist you in getting your toddler to go to sleep with minimum fuss.

1. Turn Going To Bed Into A Positive Activity

This is easier said than done but consistency and persistence will pay off in the end. Before you start your toddler’s bedtime routine, give a gentle reminder that it is almost time to get ready. In addition, create a bedtime routine that is appealing to your child, whether this includes reading a favorite book, singing gentle songs, or simply cuddling for a specific amount of time.

2. Set A Specific Routine

Toddlers crave routines, even though they constantly fight them and test boundaries. Having an established bedtime routine will allow your toddler to know exactly what to expect. Repetition is key; once you find a routine that works well, stick to it as much as possible.

3. Monitor Naps

Most people tend to think that when children are exhausted they end up sleeping more soundly and for longer periods. However, this could not be further from the truth. Naps are a crucial part of the sleep cycle and if they are wonky, chances are your toddler will struggle at nighttime. Adjust naps according to your child’s needs and age. You may have to try a few schedules before finding one that works but do not give up; a proper nap routine will lead to less fuss at night.

4. Allow Your Child To Have A Comfort Object In Bed

Your toddler most likely has a favorite stuffed animal, blanket, or other small toy which would be safe to leave in bed. Having an object that toddlers perceive as comforting in bed helps them make the transition from when you say goodnight and leave them alone in the room. Toddlers have wild imaginations so having a companion in bed may reassure them and help them fall asleep peacefully.

5. Reward Good Behavior

For toddlers having a harder time going to bed and falling asleep, putting in place a reward system would be helpful. This can been in the form of a sleep chartstickers, or a special activity when your child shows improvement. Praising your child in the morning for a good night sleep will also encourage positive behavior come nighttime.

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